The Skimmer

Feb 19

ATT Loses to Xfinity/Comcast

After my 12-month internet service contract with ATT expired, my monthly rate was raised to $50, an additional $120/year, for 25 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed. After Xfinity/Comcast installed fiber in my neighborhood, it offered a 12-month contract for $30/month with 60 Mbps down and 5 Mbps... read more →
Feb 17

KOOK’s Fake Emergency

"[I]n the relative scheme of Trump’s misbehavior, the emergency declaration doesn’t rank very high." David Leonhardt, The New York Times, 2/15/19. I disagree. Despite his innumerable transgressions, before he issued the emergency declaration, I favored removing the King of Obstruction and Kaos (KOOK) at the ballot box in 2020. The... read more →
Feb 06
Feb 03
Jan 29

Return to the Chaotic Status Quo

KOOK caved. The government is running again. At least for long enough for KOOK to give his annual, nonsensical speech on the state of Obstacles and Kaos. Meanwhile, the scribes can't keep up with the never-ending craziness -- indictments, KOOKy outbursts, gun-toting hatemongers, 2020 wannabees. Most citizens have quit trying.... read more →
Jan 23

Kaos Rules: A Fable of Sorts

Let's recap why the citizenry is being trampled by the Inside-the-Moat decision makers. Keep in mind that a barrier lines much of the Southern Border - all the way into the Western Ocean - and not far from the point where the Grand River separates the nation-states. In December of... read more →
Jan 04

Drowning in News

I try to curtail my consumption of the news but it's like driving by a car wreck. I don't want to rubberneck but I do. Except in this political climate, I'm not just rubbernecking. I'm screaming from afar at the chaos and corruption and lack of civility. I once hoped... read more →
Dec 17

End Gerrymandering

Tip of the hat to grassroots Democrats in New Jersey who halted an attempt by their elected officials to write gerrymandered districts into the state Constitution. With ongoing efforts to eliminate Republican gerrymandering via the ballot and the courts, we can't imagine what they were thinking. Sadly, it's another... read more →
Dec 17

Words Matter

"Saudis reject Senate resolutions on Khashoggi, Yemen", according to a Politico headline. I started out as a journalist and I am tired of reading incorrect and/or misleading headlines. When newspapers were one of our primary sources of news, headlines were limited to a specific number of characters. Headlines were... read more →
Dec 10

Democracy at Risk

This President undermines our institutions in his ongoing and exhausting attacks on Twitter, at campaign rallies, and in his encounters with the media. Many of Trump's Cabinet Secretaries are causing damage at the agencies that they oversee (CFPB, EPA, HUD, DOEd). The Republican Congress has refused to do its job... read more →
Dec 05

Respect for a President

Tributes to George H. W. Bush filled the National Cathedral today. I will remember him as an honorable man who placed country above party. I enjoyed the stories about his sense of humor, and compassion, and steady hand, whether he was steering global affairs or a speedboat. I cried for... read more →