Tutoring, Coaching

Logical organization and clear communication are essential elements of solid writing.

Whether it’s getting started, organizing your information, setting the tone, or any other writing concern, I can help you to improve your writing skills.

If you are not a student, I will provide any kind of writing guidance that you seek. I’ve worked with professionals in a variety of fields, including adults whose first language is not English.

If you are a graduate student, I will provide tutoring services and/or copy edit and proofread your assignments. If you are an undergraduate student, I will provide tutoring services on everything from grammar to APA.

Consultations are provided via email and an online portal so that we can view your work together while we discuss the improvements that will result in a stronger written product.

Writing guidance is available for nonfiction works, including business memos, white papers, executive summaries and reports, email correspondence, blog posts, video scripts, essays, research papers, literature reviews, dissertations, and academic assignments.

Writing Tips

Gaining Confidence
Writing is like every other skill. We improve with practice. Our progress is likely to accelerate with the guidance of an effective writing coach.

Writing Strategies
Gather the information. Make an outline. Write a first draft. Revise. Conduct more research if necessary. Revise again. Proofread. Print your paper out and read it out loud to yourself. Mark up the hard copy. Repeat until you are satisfied that your audience will want to read your entire paper.

Logical Organization of Topics
As writers, we want to lead our readers to a specific destination. Organize your information in a way that will make sense to the reader.

Clear and Precise Communication
Word choice can mean the difference in engaging and informing your reader and confusing or losing your reader.

Grammar and Punctuation
Use active voice when possible. Subjects and verbs should agree. Commas, semicolons and colons are not interchangeable.